As an organization of culture and art consisting of the members of 8 different nations (South Korea, Mongolia, the U.S.A., Myanmar, Indonesia, China, Tibet, and the Philippines), Montant is a  social enterprise produced by the Incheon International Airport Corporation with social enterprise Noridan and the Seed:s corporation with the intent of creating change for a new awareness about multiculturalism through a variety of cultural and artistic activities.

With a focus on the power of song, Montant is producing social services in the field of culture and the arts wherein can be shared abilities that embrace new cultures, strength that respects diversity, and different values and ways of thinking.

As it fuses the diverse artistic methods and personalities of different peoples, nationalities, cultures, and so forth, Montant is developing never-before-seen cultural and artistic content and performances, and is producing new capacities for multiculturalism that can be recognized in domestic and international markets.

Holding cultural diversity in respect, Montant hopes to proliferate a new change in perception regarding multiculturalism.

Business Introduction


Songs sung and reinvented through Montant’s unique style comprised of each country’s music
Performing famous and familiar hits through a harmony of diverse voices
Songs delivering social messages including those of the environment, peace, and togetherness
Montant members’ representative original compositions


Program offering a heuristic approach to the musical creative process
Program providing the experience of culture through dynamic and diverse games
Cultural diversity proliferation leadership educational program
Social enterprise youth training program
Global leadership training program


Culture coordinator training
Individual business model planning for performing multiple functions such as festivals and events, camps, etc.